Mark Easton - Film Editor

ID Breaking Now: Harvey Weinstein Richard Sanders Discovery ID 42
How The Universe Works - S08 Ep05: The Secret of Time Travel Euan Smith Discovery US 47
How The Universe Works - S08 Ep06: When NASA met Jupiter Euan Smith Discovery US 47
Greatest Events of WW2 in Colour: Dresden Firestrorm Sam Taplin Netflix / Discovery 50
Searching For...Kanye Georgia Sawyer BBC3 36
Lockerbie: The Unheard Stories (Lead Editor) Richard Sanders C5 68
Albert: The Power Behind Victoria (Lead Editor) Paul Olding C5 94
Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II: Britain's Golden Queens Sam Taplin C5 47
Greatest Events of WW2 in Colour: Battle of Midway Sam Taplin Discovery/ Netflx 50
Under The Father's Shadow: The Last Shah Ep 1 Mark Gregory/ Thomas Small Iran International 50
Power Wars: The Last Shah Ep 2 Mark Gregory/ Thomas Small Iran International 50
Wallis: The Queen That Never Was (Lead Editor) Paul Olding C5 94
Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics (Second Editor) David Briggs BBC4 60
How Police Missed the Grindr Killer Steve Grandison BBC3 50
Horizon: The Wildest Weather In The Universe Davina Bristow BBC2 60
The Conspiracy Files: The Trump Dossier (Second Editor) John O'Kane BBC2 60
Paxman on Trump vs Clinton: America Divided Victoria James BBC1 60
The Sky At Night (Various Episodes) Michael Lachmann BBC1 30
Paxman In Brussels: Who Really Rules Us? Victoria James BBC1 60
Ebola: The Doctors' Story Steve Grandison HBO 40
Who Do You Think You Are? Anita Rani (Second Editor) Leo Burley BBC1 60
Horizon: Dark Energy
Peter Leonard BBC2 60
Jordan: Building in the Eye of the Storm. Ep3 The Economic Revolution
Guy Smith Al Arabiya 50
Wellington: The Iron Duke Unmasked Richard Sanders BBC2 60
Justice! Anas Aremayaw Anas Philip Clothier Al Jazeera 47
Secret History - Prince Philip: The Plot to make a King Richard Sanders C4 47
The Children Who Beat Ebola (Second Editor) Ben Steele C4 47
What If: Malaria Drugs Stop Working Liam Nolan 15
Dispatches: Hunted: Gay and Afraid Steve Grandison C4 47
Panorama: Ebola Frontline
(Winner of One World Media Popular Features Award 2015)
(Shortlisted for BAFTA and Grierson Best Current Affairs)
Steve Grandison BBC1 45
Horizon: Ebola - The Search for a Cure
(Second Editor)
Guy Smith/ Tristan Quinn BBC2 60
Royal Cousins at War Part 2 - Into the Abyss
(Shortlisted for Grierson - Best History Doc 2014)
Richard Sanders BBC2 60
Hot Property: Business Boomers Dan Trelford BBC2 60
Royal Cousins at War Part 1 - A House Divided Richard Sanders BBC2 60
Dispatches: The Real Price of Cheap Food Callum Macrae C4 27
Food Prices: The Shocking Truth
(Team Edit)
Michael Douglas/ Caroline Walsh C4 2x47
The Real White Queen and Her Rivals Richard Sanders BBC2 60
The Genius of Invention: 3 Communication
(Team Edit)
Louise Bourner BBC2 60
Total Recall –The Toyota Story (Lead Editor)
Francis Whately/Graeme McAulay/ Fiona Blair
BBC2 60
Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy Tristan Quinn BBC2 60
Fidel Castro: Americas Nemesis Tristan Quinn BBC2 60
Syria's Torture Machine.
(Shortlisted for Broadcast Magazine Best News/Current Affairs 2013)
Julie Noon C4 60
Panorama Undercover Care :The Abuse Exposed
(Winner of BAFTA Best Current Affairs 2012)
(Winner of the RTS Current Affairs – Home)
Mathew Chapman BBC1 60
Unreported World: Russia's Radical Chic David Fuller C4 24
Horizon: Faster Than The Speed of Light
(Second Editor)
Graeme McAulay/Alicky Sussman BBC2 60
Dispatches: Britain's Rubbish Julie Noon C4 47
Dispatches: How Councils Waste Your Money Joanna Burge C4 27
Undercover At The News of The World Richard Sanders C4 47
BP - $30 Billion Blowout
(Winner of Wincott Award for Best TV programme 2010)
Guy Smith/Dan Trelford BBC2 60
Iraq - No Plan, No Peace - Part 2
Fiona Blair BBC1 50
Dispatches: Britain's High Street Gamble
Roger Corke C4 27
The Drug Dealer, the Estate Agent and the Telephone Man - The New al Qaeda
Roger Corke BBC1 60
Dispatches: Murdoch, Cameron and the £8 Billion Deal Richard Sanders C4 27
Gordon Brown – An Obituary Jonathan Brunert 60
Blair The Inside Story – Long Goodbye Adam Grimley/Diana Martin BBC160
Blair The Inside Story – The New Leader
(Nominated for a Bafta.)
Diana Martin BBC1 60
How To BeTory Leader Diana Martin BBC2 60
Money Programme: In the Firing Line
Fiona Blair BBC2 30
How to be an Ex Prime Minister Jeremy Monblate BBC4 60
This World - America Was Here, Cambodia Luke Mendes BBC2 30
This World - Deep South Divide Sophie Todd BBC2 30
The Real Winnie Mandela
John Thynne BBC4 60
Tom Hurndall – Shot on Camera Daniel Barrie BBC2 30
Montana Cowboys David Berry BBC4 60
Thoroughly Modern Monarchs - King of Jordan Ian O’Reilly BBC2 45
Drugland - London Phil Rees BBC2 60
Crimescene Conman Gian Quaglieni BBC1 50
Bashing Booze Birds
Joanna Burge BBC3 60
The Happiness Formula (Prog 2) Sophie Todd BBC2 30
The Happiness Formula (Prog 5) Richard Danbury BBC2 30
Little Shopping Horrors – Food Manisha Vadhia BBC3 60
Behind Closed Doors: Britain’s Streets of Vice Liviu Tipurita BBC1 45
The Real Life on Mars
Simon Brown /
Steve Bradshaw
BBC4 60
Panorama Credits include:
Terror on the Beach
(Team Edit)
Andy Bell/ Karen Whiteman BBC1 60
Savile: What The BBC Knew
(Team Edit)
Andy Bell/ Howard Bradburn/Mathew Chapman BBC1 60
Britain's Secret Health Tourists Jane Fellner BBC1 60
The Hospital That Stopped Caring Joe Plomin BBC1 30
Britain's Biggest Waste Dumpers Mathew Chapman BBC1 30
BNP: The Fraud Exposed James Oliver BBC1 30
Challenge of the Sixties Fiona Lloyd-Davis BBC4 60
The Year Britain’s Bubble Burst Stephen Scott BBC1 30
The Real Apprentices Patrick Barrie BBC1 30
Battle for Swat Valley Angie Mason BBC1 30
Destination Europe Howard Bradburn BBC1 30
White Fright Stephen Scott BBC1 30
Who will Save the Savers? Mark Gregory BBC1 30
Britain’s Heroin Fix Stephen Scott BBC1 40
Classroom Warriors Mathew Chapman BBC1 30